Stock Products - 0.15 ounce White Tube/White Cap
Item No. Description Item No. Description
12001 SPF15 Vanilla Flavor 12011 SPF15 Wild Berry Flavor
12002 SPF15 Natural Flavor 12012 SPF15 Watermelon Flavor
12003 SPF15 Spearmint Flavor 12013 SPF15 Vanilla-Tangerine Flavor
12004 SPF15 Peppermint Flavor 12015 SPF15 Key Lime Flavor
12005 SPF15 Citrus Flavor 12022 SPF15 Banana Pineapple Flavor
12006 SPF15 Cherry Flavor 12017 SPF15 Vanilla-Mint Flavor
12007 SPF15 Coconut Flavor 12018 SPF15 Berry Sangria Flavor
12008 SPF15 Tropical Flavor 12021 SPF15 Bubble Gum Flavor
12009 SPF15 Iced Pear Flavor 12020 SPF15 Pomegranate Flavor
12010 SPF15 Raspberry Flavor 12022 SPF15 Mango Flavor

All lip balm products include a highly durable, full 360 degree wrap, process color, digitally printed and laminated polypropylene label with tamper evident safety seal.
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Our SPF 15 petroleum-free, beeswax based formulas will keep them coming back.  With dozens of awesome flavors available, we will surely have something your client will appreciate.